Woodworking Essentials – Power Saws

Let me tell you all something here at Rponcho we love to construct things out of wood. I would have to say that woodworking is probably one of my favorite things to do. It doesn’t even matter what I am making, it can be almost anything as long as it is made with wood. Some would call me a wood master but I would call them crazy.

I am just a regular old guy that loves to build things out of wood with his tools. One of the tools that I like to use the most has to be the power saw. Now this can be any type of power saw including the band saw, miter saw, table and even the scroll saw. It doesn’t really matter to me what type of saw I use as long as it gets the job at hand done.

When I first started my career as a woodworker I was always confused about what type of tools I needed and which ones were good. Since I had no way of knowing I had to learn the hard, expensive way of trying them out myself. This cost me a lot of money and ruined projects before I was able to find the saws that were suitable for what I was doing.

I am going to try and explain to you all which saws I like and which saws I would recommend to a new wood worker.

The first saw I am talking about is the classic band saw. This is a saw that you need to have if you are going to be cutting anything, almost all things can be cut with the band saw. I would suggest reading standing band saw reviews before you make any purchases but almost all Ryobi saws are good.

The next electric saw on the list has to be the scroll saw, this is a saw that you need to make all of the small cuts. These kind of cuts can make or break your project so making sure you have a good one is important. I would check the 2014 best scroll saws to find the top one for you.

Scroll Saw

The last saw that I would suggest starting with is going to be the good old miter saw. This is an important saw to have in any wood shop.  Make sure to see the best 2014 miter saws to find the ones that you should buy.

After you get those three saws you should be good to go and ready for any type of project. Good luck.

How I Made My AR15 the Most Tactical in the World

When I first got my ar 15 a year or two ago it was just the basic gun, no other mods were done to it. I loved the gun, even without any extras done to it. But I always wanted to add some flare to the gun with some sort of custom upgrade.

The first addition that I wanted was a complete ar15 upper receiver for a couple of reasons. One of these reasons being that a new upper will completely redesign your rifle into a whole new gun. It will change the look so much and you can decide what you want it to look like. You can make it look any which way that you want. Even though this was one of the more expensive items that I purchased it is still my favorite. Probably just because it was my first upgrade but it still makes my gun look awesome.

ar15 upper

A couple months later I saw my friend at the shooting range and he had a really cool, ar rifle. It was so customized and it was so unique. After I saw that I knew that I wanted to make my gun my own and customize as many possible things as possible. So the next item that I bought was a ar15 20 inch barrel which made it shoot sooo much better. You wouldn’t think that it would make a big difference but it really does. So much more accuracy and the shooting is much more reliable.

ar 15 barrel

One of my more recent additions is one of the best ar 15 stock on the market. It makes it feel a lot more comfortable in my arms and it makes it easier to shoot. I love this stock and it really completes the whole rifle.

That is the three main upgrades that I have added to my rifle and I love it. It really is my dream gun and I am so happy about it. I have put a lot of money into this gun but overall I think that it is worth it.